Why are we Ontario’s and Quebec’s #1 Residential Internet Service Provider?

Because Linkcom takes its clients’ needs into consideration each and every time.

Unlike its competitors, Linkcom believes in delivering the best customer service possible. Linkcom delivers reliability of a traditional network, but also with the simplicity, the richness of feature, and the cost effectiveness that every homeowner wants.

Reliability. Availability. Resiliency.

Never suffer from overage fees again!

Linkcom ensures that you will never receive a bill with overage fees or extra charges. Our Internet service plans are truly unlimited.

Always Here to Help

At Linkcom, we resolve 90% of our support challenges on the first call or email – because customer service is our #1 priority.

At Linkcom, we are proud to say that we are a internet services company—that is all we do. We pride ourselves on excellence in support and we respond rapidly to any service request, including scheduling onsite support if necessary.